How many parking spaces are available?

There are three parking spaces for each cottage. The spaces are on the hidden side from the road, but in front of the cottages. If more parking is needed, there is areas around the farm - please give us a shout and we’ll show you the best spots.

Is there any electric car charging points?

We do not currently have EV car charging facilities at Todsworthy Farm Holidays. But we are looking into the possibility of adding charge points. We do not offer or allow 'through the window’ car charging.

Nearby are two charging points which cater for many models of electric car -

Tesco Superstore - 4 miles
Plymouth Road Retail Park, Tavistock, Devon, PL19 9QN

Tesco Superstore - 5.5 miles

Tavistock Road, Callington, Cornwall, PL17 7RD

Is there a swimming pool at the farm?

We don’t have a swimming pool.

Do you have a jacuzzi or hot-tub at the farm?

Not at the minute. But we are looking into the possibility of adding a hot-tub.

How do we get to the Farm?

The best way is to use a sat nav. But it is not too complicated to find the farm (see the map on the Location page). If you coming from the A388, take the A390 towards Gunnislake, as you go through St Ann’s Chapel, take the right on the A390 as you leave the village, the Farm is around 300m down this road. If you are arriving via the A386, take the A390, go past Gunnislake, towards Callington, before you get to St Ann’s Chapel, take the left, the Farm is approximately 300 metres down this road.

What can we do at the farm?

There is loads of different animals hanging around. Think standard farm animals, not the weird and wonderful (we are not a zoo! So no tigers, lions, monkeys). You can pet and feed most of the animals - be careful of the butting rams, collect eggs, muck-out if you really want to, and do all those things that happen at a Farm.

What is it like at the Farm?

Quiet. There is a single lane road that runs through the edge of the farm, which is not busy. You will hear birds (I know, not unusual), cows and various animals mooing. It is a nice, pleasant location, low stress (the cottages are set-up for no issues) and easy lifestyle.
We can not guarantee that you will end your stay in a happier more chilled mood - but we damn well hope so!

What surrounds the cottages?

The cottages are at the north side of a working farm. The farm is small, compact, not a large production farm. Surrounding the farm is countryside - the Tamar Valley itself. It is open countryside - hilly, lots of plants and wildlife.

What is the normal stay length?

The most popular is one or two weeks. But we have had people and families stay for weekend breaks. We once had a writer stay for three months to write their next book (can’t say who the writer was!). There is no limit to how short or long the stay can be - if you can’t get the stay you want booked - send us an email or call us on +44 (0)1822 834744.

What do I need to bring?

Yourself. And don’t forget the family if they are coming!
You are coming to Cornwall - so sunscreen and raincoat at the same time. Other than the obvious things, a bucket and spade (we do have a few of those).

How green and sustainable are you?

We are very responsible. We try our best. We recycle everything we can. Our farm is rated very highly for sustainability and we are carbon neutral. We can not control how our guests behave (and we won’t go through the bins), but everything we do on the farm is to enable long-term sustainability - from not using pesticides or insecticides (we are not a large agriculture farm), to correct food for the animals. We are always trying to be better - if you have any ideas or spot something - give us a shout.

How is the cottages and farm set-up for wheelchairs and disabled people?

Access to the cottages and around the cottages have been widened with ramps, internal areas are easy to navigate and have been widened for wheelchairs. Bedrooms are located downstairs for easy access. The farm itself is able to navigated by a wheelchair. Todsworthy Farm and cottages are owned and ran by Jonathan Pellow, who is wheelchair-bound.

What facilities do you have available?

All areas include bars and handles for ease of use. We have shower-chairs, profile beds and hoists as required. If there is anything that would make your stay easier, please inform us and we will endeavour to purchase or locate the item.

What payments methods do you accept?

Booking via the website, we accept all major credit and debit cards - Visa, MasterCard, etc. We do not accept American Express. We not currently accept Paypal, but are looking to include this into the site and booking via phone.
Booking via telephone or email, you can pay via a wider variety of methods (please call us on +44 (0)1822 834744), including bank transfer.

What are the terms of booking?

Please see the Legal and Privacy Policy page. This shows the booking and terms concerning booking.

Do you take deposits or part-payments?

When booking via credit card you will pay for the full booking. If you select Provisionally book, you can pay half up front to confirm the booking, with second half payable before the stay starts. Please see the Legal and Privacy Policy page for details.

What happens if I need to cancel a booking?

Please call us if the booking needs to be cancelled. Please see the Legal and Privacy Policy page for details. But rest assured, we will endeavour to re-book the stay length, and hopefully no cost for booking will be accrued. We have (as yet) re-booked all cancelled cottages. If we cannot re-book a cottage we will discuss with you the best way forward. We do not want people to be left out of pocket, but we do have to look after ourselves.

I need to change the booking?

Call us or email us with details of your booking and the requested changes. Hopefully we can accommodate any modifications. We will then be in touch soon after receiving any details with any possible changes. Please see the Legal and Privacy Policy page for details.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a platform we use to take credit and debit card payments. They are a similar company to WorldPay or SagePay. Essentially any payment made online via credit or debit card uses a payment gateway platform like Stripe. The payment should appear on your statement as ’Todsworthy Farm’.

Where is my booking confirmation?

You will have had a booking confirmation email from Todsworthy Farm Holidays with booking dates, details and cost. If you have provisionally booked, you will also have received details on how to pay. If you have paid via debit or credit card you will also receive an email confirming payment completion.
If the email is not in your inbox, please look in your spam or junk folders.

Do I have an account with you?

No we do not hold any account details or have accounts. Any information inputted is sent via email from the website to our inbox. This makes sure the web server holds no information. Legally we are not allowed to hold web data and user data on the same server. Our system should make everything more secure and private.

What is the maximum amount of people the cottages can sleep?

Cider Press has three double beds and can sleep six people. Hayloft also has three double beds, but also a double futon. Hayloft can sleep eight people.

Which is the better cottage to book?

Cider Press and Hayloft are very similar. Both have excellent accessibility, space and facilities.

Do the cottages have cooking facilities?

Yes. There are full kitchens in both cottages. Both contain all kinds of saucepans and spoon-type things!
If there is anything missing that would help your culinary exploration, please give us a shout.

Wifi. You have it, right?

Yep. We have pretty quick (no complaints as yet) wifi throughout the cottages. The signal is also present in the outside areas (not as strong, but it is there).

Are the cottages nice?

We have spent a lot of time, money, effort and thought on making the cottages as top-notch are we could get them. They are specifically designed and kitted out for holiday cottages. We are very proud of the cottages, we think they are charming and hope you like them.

Are they set-up for families?

Yes. The cottages are for families. They are spacious and can accommodate a large family. But cosy enough, so couples or individuals can feel comfortable. Each cottage has multiple bathrooms, different room types and sizes.

Pets. What’s the deal?

We love pets. Please make sure you notify us (via the booking form or by email or call us on +44 (0)1822 834744 beforehand, and we will set-up several pet friendly bits and bobs in the cottage. Pets insure a small surcharge of £15 per stay. There is no maximum number of pets than can stay - although if you are bringing your entire zoo with you, that may not work.

I can’t see the costs of booking a cottage?

The costs are on the Cottages and availability page. About half way down under cost per week.

How close are you to the Tamar Valley?

We are in the heart of the Tamar Valley. We really are. Pretty much the centre of the Tamar Valley. All the spots and sites of the Valley are walkable (if you are big hiker), but certainly within a 20-30 minute drive.

Restaurants, food and eating - any places close?

There is a pub in St Anne’s Chapel called The Queens Head - it is about a five minute walk from the Farm. There is a lot of pubs, restaurants, takeaways and chip shops in the area - around twenty within three miles - some walking distance, most cycle-able, all drivable.

What is in St Anne’s Chapel?

There is a post office and local shop. The village is small. We have a football team, but they are not great, losing a local derby 11-1 recently.
Drakewalls, about 100 metres east on the A390 (both villages pretty much drift into each other), is a little larger, and has a couple of more shops.
Located about 500 metres east on the A390, Gunnislake has more eateries and shops.

Is the area easy to get around?

There are regular bus services running around the area. There is a train service from Drakewalls, Gunnislake, Calstock and Tavistock which run to Plymouth (beautifully scenic train journey), Exeter and beyond.
Walking or cycling is easy, simple and pleasant. There are hills, the paths range from single track ground to concrete paths to bicycle trails.
Driving is fine. Around the farm is single track road, but further out, it turns into standard A and B roads.

Where is good to go?

We cover a fair amount of the most popular places that are to visit on the Tamar Valley area page. If this doesn’t cover it, and you have specific interests (we don’t judge!), have a chat with us and we’ll see if we can help. We also have lots of different books and guides for the area (and some flyers and sales material from all kinds of places) - hopefully they will help.

What are the best villages near you?

It depends what you are looking to see or do. For old-style fishing villages we like Looe, Seaton and Polperro (but there are loads arounds - they like fishing round here!). Tavistiock, Gunnislake, Callington (although they are more town-sized) are great from crafts and small, independent shops. For spending loads of money in brand shops, we would recommend Plymouth or Exeter.

Any activities around and about?

Tons and tons of stuff. Within an hours drive, there is wake boarding, Eden Project, forges, foundries, weaving, knitting, pottery, shopping, surfing, mountain biking (and mountain boarding! but no mountains!), bunch of golf courses, loads of hiking trails, too, hills, rivers, viaducts, fishing, paddle boarding, coasteering, country houses, all types of gardens, flower arranging. OK, so there is loads to do away from the farm.

Is the area easy to get around?

There are regular bus services running around the area. There is a train service from Drakewalls, Gunnislake, Calstock and Tavistock which run to Plymouth (beautifully scenic train journey), Exeter and beyond.
Walking or cycling is easy, simple and pleasant. There are hills, the paths range from single track ground to concrete paths to bicycle trails.
Driving is fine. Around the farm is single track road, but further out, it turns into standard A and B roads.

We will endeavour to reply to all calls, emails and forms within 24-hours.