In the past, farm workers on Todsworthy Farm were rewarded with cider produced in the barn which is now the cottage we called The Cider Press. The apple orchards that produced the cider still exists, but unfortunately the press is no longer functional. The granite stone of the cider press can be found as a feature of the garden alongside the cottages.


The ground floor of The Hayloft was known as a shippon, a Cornish name for a barn where cattle were housed and milked. The hayloft referred to the upper floor where straw for bedding and hay for winter feed was stored.

Todsworthy Farm is a mixed enterprise of 70 acres. A family farm, where you will find cows with their calves, sheep, chickens and even a few pigs.

There is a varied landscape of woods and fields and orchards with an abundance of wildlife including badgers, deer, foxes and rabbits. This natural environment is also home to a wide variety of birdlife found throughout The Tamar Valley. Buzzards are often seen flying high calling to each other and we are always pleased to see the arrival of swallows and house martins, a sure sign that summer has arrived.

In the evening you will be serenaded by thrushes singing from the treetops to add to the tranquil atmosphere that is Todsworthy Farm.

Our farm has a unique viewing area, where visitors are able to see the animals up-close. The animals maybe eating, relaxing, rearing, and what ever else farm animals get up to.

Rural Development Programme for England:
LEADER funding through The European Agricultural
Fund for Rural Development

Level access is provided throughout the ground floor to living areas, shower areas and bedrooms with wide doors in both cottages facilitating the option of wheelchair use when required. New profiling beds that can be made up as twins or a double are standard in Hayloft. The shower areas have grab rails and a fold down seat. There are grab rails strategically positioned about the toilet area. All the ground floor rooms are spacious and easy to move around.

We have an extensive range of mobility equipment that is available for hire, including wheelchairs, zimmer frames, mobile hoist, shower chair, bed wedges, foam back supports, etc. More general information is available in our access statement.

Both Cider Press & Hayloft are graded at M3. We have exceeded many of the stipulated standards to meet the M3 grade with level floors, ease of access and facilities.

We understand that pets are part of the family. Forget the stress and worry of kennels or cat hotels, our pets-friendly cottages allow the family to stay together.

The fields around the cottages and farm are great for dog walks. The beaches on the South coast are all dog friendly, and most of the National Trust attractions are all dog welcoming (maybe not inside that gorgeous country house). Cats can roam as much as they want.

Cornwall Tourism Awards 2018/19
Access and Inclusivity Award

We won! After seven months of the Cornwall Tourism Awards assessing and judging Todsworthy Farm Holidays, we scooped a Silver for our Access and Inclusivity.

National Accessible Scheme for Disabled Access

We have exceeded many of the stipulated standards to meet the M3 grade with level floors, ease of access and facilities. M3 is typically suitable for a person who depends on the use of a wheelchair in a seated position. This person also requires personal or mechanical assistance (e.g. carer, hoist).

Todsworthy Farm Holidays
Todsworthy Farm Holidays
Todsworthy Farm Holidays
Todsworthy Farm Holidays

Visit England and Enjoy England

We have achieved the Gold standard for Enjoy England and four-star for Self-catering from Visit England. We have been graded in the top sectors, to ensure a comfortable and fully kitted-out stay.

Eco Cornwall

Eco Cornwall is a sustainability award for Cornwall. Todsworthy Farm Holidays has again been awarded the Gold standard. The scheme and award system recognises businesses that deliver environmental benefits to protect our planet's resources and reduce the establishment's carbon footprint. Eco Cornwall has replaced The Green Acorn Scheme, and is approved by Visit Cornwall and various Tourist Boards across the South West of England.